Retreats, Workshops, Musical Performances and Offerings


Retreats, Workshops, Musical Performances and Offerings

Sacred Sound and Music for Easter Week

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome, no matter what your spiritual or religious background or beliefs. The songs and music offered during the Easter Week are from the Christian tradition. If you would like to participate, there is no prerequisite to be a part of Christian or Catholic congregation or to be religious yourself. The music is universal in flavour, infused with the power of the Great Spirit or Universal Energy.

What shall we explore?

Easter week is a good time to give ourselves space to immerse in profound reflection, introspection and potential healing.

Beauty, people, ourselves, music and song – all elements, can be subjects for reflection during the Easter week.

We will explore how different types of music can all be beneficial in a healing process of the human psyche, emotions and spirit.

Throughout the ages, music and sound have been a unique instruments to explore the inner authentic self.

What is a potential benefit to participants?

Sacred sound can contribute to an energetic shift, raising our vibrational frequency.

It can help to “cut” through our conditioned mind and reach our inner being providing resources for our wellness and healing.