Retreats, Workshops, Musical Performances and Offerings


Retreats, Workshops, Musical Performances and Offerings

A Women’s Insight and Empowerment Retreat

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome; no previous experience necessary in meditation or yoga

What shall we explore?

Tai Chi, Qi Gong practices;

Sound meditation;

10 Wisdom Goddesses;

Lotus / Heart meditation;

Theory and practice of Yin / Yang principles.

*the programme may be subject to change

What is a potential benefit to participants?

These practices can help us to crystallize the aspects of our own nature which can be hidden deep within;

We can improve our self-awareness and be mindful about our own inner being, sexuality, femininity and our personal “story”;

By taking part in these different practices we will discover the different impact of these practices and potentially find out those, which are the most suited to our inherent nature.

More about the Retreat

The Still Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong will deeply soothe the nervous system, shifting our perspective from “fight, flight or freeze” conditions to “relax, respond and adapt” flow. From left brain to right brain. From logical to intuitive. From head to heart. The negative energies may surface, and you may be reconnect with old memories, pictures, images, beliefs or conditioning.

These practices will help with slowing down kidney or adrenal fatigue. They will tone up our energy body or subtle body, which this practice primarily targets. They will help in rejuvenating the energy and creating “head-space,” such that internal messages from our deepest souls may arise and be heard.

The Dynamic Yoga will strengthen the “container,” our physical, muscular-skeletal body, and allow us to reconnect with the body which carries us, peel away the tiredness, the overwhelm, rejuvenate, re-energize and to warm us. It can shift the mind state if you are tired, suffering from insomnia, depression or 21st century living.

The Meditations will calm the body and soothe the spirit. They will assist in reconnecting with our heart, its’ wisdom and our intuitive language, the language of love.

The Sacred Sound will assist in bringing our own voice to the surface. It will clear the mind, so we can resonate with the internal sound of our own being. So you can hear yourself. So you can begin to feel safe in speaking, your truth, to yourself, and then to others.